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Referee Code of Conduct


As a referee for Kick ItI will adhere to all of the below items. If I do not comply, I understand that I may be asked to leave the assigned tournament.


Referees first and foremost are responsible for the safety of the players and coaches during a match. Referees must know the laws of the game as well as the Kick It rules and enforce them fairly. They have the responsibility for upholding the laws and spirit of the game. Referees should show respect for the players, coaches, spectators, and the game itself.


  • Referees are expected to always maintain the utmost respect for the game. 

  • Referees are expected to conduct themselves honorably at all time and maintain the dignity of his/her position.

  • Referees are expected to always honor an assignment or any other contractual obligation.

  • Referees will not tolerate nor allow abusive behavior or language.

  • Referees are expected to attend training meetings and clinics so as to know the rules and regulations of Kick It, their proper interpretation and their application.  Referees are expected to know the rules and regulations of the games and divisions to which they are assigned.

  • Referees are expected to strive to achieve maximum teamwork with fellow officials.

  • Referees are expected to show respect for other referees, coaches and players and never promote criticism of them.

  • Referees are expected to control players, coaches and Parents/Spectators effectively by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing fairness. Referees will handle disputes with coaches, players and parents calmly and respectfully.

  • Referees are expected to do their utmost to assist fellow officials to better themselves and their work.

  • Referees are expected to not make statements about any game except to clarify an interpretation of rules.

  • Referees are expected to not discriminate against nor take any undo advantage of any individual group on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.


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