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Kick It Licensee!

Own your Soccer Business

Successful Business Model

Work for yourself


$19 BILLION spent annually in U.S. youth sports

#1 COUNTRY in the world for participation in youth soccer


Low overhead

- No need to own a facility or rent an office

- No full time employees

- Insurance is covered under the license agreement


All equipment is provided under initial license fee.

One time territorial fee is $5,000. 


A New Era

Since its inception 30 years ago, Kick It  has been the most prolific small-sided 3v3 soccer tour. 


In 2019, NBA legend Kevin Garnett acquired Kick It.    

Now for the first time, Kick It is offering territorial licenses.


Check out our program overview.    

Each licensee will have the exclusive territorial rights to operate Kick It 3v3 Tournaments, Leagues or Camps for all divisions, ages 4 - adult  

Program details can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.


The World's Most Popular Game 

The World Cup will be coming to North America in 2026.   


Now is the time to own your piece of the 3v3 soccer business!

Apply for a Territory Today!

Questions? Email us 

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