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2024/2025 Kick It 3v3 Soccer

National Events

Jan 17-20, 2025

We Are Kicking off 2025 With The Kick It 3v3 National Competition Event with Two Ways to Participate:

  • 2025 3v3 Soccer National "Cup"

  • 2025 3v3 Soccer National Championships

About The National "Cup"

The Kick It 3v3 National "Cup" tournament is open to any teams that sign up and want to play, including boys and girls starting at age 5 all the way up to adult men and women. We will have commemorative t-shirts, special giveaways, and additional prizes for 1st-3rd place teams.

About The National "Championship" *
The Kick It 3v3 National Championships are back! For our national championship division we strive to bring only the best teams from around the US that love to play soccer! With our new leaders (Check out Kick It 3v3 in the News) investing significant resources into Kick It 3v3 Soccer we are excited to offer more marquee events 2024 like Vail, CO, Branson, MO and an opportunity for qualifying teams to compete in a Kick It 3v3 National Championship to kick off 2025. There will be additional significant trophies given to the championship teams.

Currently, we have a few options to qualify for the championship division.

  1. Automatic Qualification Paths:

    1. Placing in Top 2 in 2 Elite Division events at a Kick It 3v3 Soccer Tournament by December 31st, 2024.

    2. Placing in Top 3 in 1 Elite Division at our Regional/Marquee events:

      • Vail Kick It 3v3 Cup, July 26-28 in Vail, Colorado

      • Branson Kick It 3v3 Cup in Branson, MO, June 8th, 2024

      • Winning the MLK National Cup automatically qualifies you for the Championship division in 2026.

      • Stay-tuned: We may another regional Cup this year.

  2. Resume Qualification
    Beginning in August, 2024, we will begin taking applications for the National Championship. In these resumes we will ask for resumes with your previous 12 months track record at 3v3 tournaments, as well as other small sided and full sized team league and tournament results.

*These rules are subject to changes that may create more opportunities to qualify for the National Championships.

Registration Coming Soon
Vail Cup 3v3 Soccer Tournament
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