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The  5-3-1 Challenge  is a unique, fast-paced soccer competition that provides a wonderful test of players’ skills and ability to handle the ball.  Teams of up to 8 players play a series of four or five 45 minute matches consisting of three segments: a 18 minute 5v5 game, a 12 minute 3v3 game, and six 60-75 second duels in The Pit.

Example: Team A plays Team B on the "red" straps for a timed 5v5 game that includes 4 field players and 1 goalie on the field at a time. After the 5v5 game concludes, the players will move on to the "red" 3v3 field and then finally onto The Pit in which 6 players from each team will duel in an individual showdown for 60-75 seconds a piece.

Teams will be scored on each of the match ups, thus 9 points is the maximum points a team can get in ONE 5-3-1 Cycle.

Division Standings will be ranked in order - total points, head to head, goal differential, goals against, goals for.

Age Groups: 2005 - 2013

Players: 6 - 8

Games will be played from 8am - 8pm on the day of the event.

Divisions will be created based off of skill and teams will be competing against their peers.  This creates the best challenge environment across the board - week to week.

The Pit: a 1v1 field in which individuals compete head to head over 60-75 seconds to try and earn  one tally for their team towards their 1v1 score.

ONLY Team Managers need to register.  Once registered, the team rosters and rules will be sent.  Finalized team rosters are not due until the day of the Challenge.


November 12 - Highlands Ranch, CO

More dates coming soon!

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