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About Kick It 3v3

Kick It is the first and largest, grassroots small-sided soccer tournament tour in North America. Launched in 1990, Kick It has catered to soccer players of all skill-levels and produced some of the most recognized names in the sport including current and former professional players and stars of the US Women’s and Men’s National teams. A pioneer in the experiential production of 3v3 soccer events. Kick It was the original Disney World Championship qualifier and has provided over 5 million kids and families with a safe, active and healthy sports experience.

Kick It’s mission is simple: to provide every player a fun, rewarding, and educational platform to develop and practice the fundamental skills of soccer. The Kick It game is fast, features lots of touches, and promotes the basic technical skills needed to develop soccer players.

Under the leadership of Big Ticket Sports, Kick It seeks to expand its reach by introducing new tournaments and events throughout the world; thus, bringing together communities to compete and celebrate in the game of soccer. In addition, Kick It will make competition more accessible to unders
erved communities by providing access to the Kick It event experience, developmental content, and soccer training. 

Big Ticket Sports (BTS) is a leader in organization, implementation, and management of national sports tours within the active lifestyle and participatory sports sector. BTS produces more than 100 annual grassroots events in North America, and their experienced leadership team has produced more than 3,000 events since 1989.  Big Ticket Sports is owned by NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett and also owns and operates the iconic Hoop It Up basketball tour.  

Get your team together and participate in one of the best national touring youth soccer tournaments in North America near you. Or learn more about BTS’s other youth sporting events and sign up for a tournament in your neighborhood.

Kick It is fun, family-friendly, and rewarding. Let’s Play!

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