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Registration FAQs

Thank you for your patience with the new app we have migrated to this year. Your feedback is important because we will be evaluating this app through the end of the summer for improvements or moving to something else.

You can send your feedback to If the instructions below do not help you, please email and cc so we can help make certain you are taken care of.

Question: Where do we go to Register a team?


Question: Once I have registered, how do I get my team rostered and sign waivers?



Have everyone search for and download The Sqwad app on their smart phones (the one that says “SQ” on the icon, but nothing else).

The app is very handy the day of the event.

Here are the steps to rostering on either the computer or the app:

(App Alternative: You can download this "ROSTER AND WAIVER FORM", fill it out and bring it to the event at check in.)

1. Select the option to roster. 
2. Select the team you want to roster. 
3. Select the event you registered the team 
4. Select invite or add player. It’s the top tab. 
5. Enter the email of the player you want to add. 
6. If they have an account the player will show up. 
7. Select the player and add. 
8. The player will now be rostered on your team. 

If you only see the parents name to add this means they have not added their child to the account. To add the child please have them do the following steps. 

1. Select family/profile tile.
2. Select add new or the tile with a plus sign
3. Follow the steps for adding the new profile. 
4. Select save. 

After you have rostered and participated in your first event everyone on your rostered will be placed in your network. Thai is do so that going forward for a new event you only need to do the following steps 

1. Select roster 
2. Select the team and event
3. Select add player 
4. Select the bottom 
button add existing. 
5. You will then see a list of all your players. Just select the ones you want and save. 

How Do I Provide Proof of Age?


(App Alternative: You can have proof of age on hand or in a photo or file on your phone.)

Once you have downloaded the app, adding proof of age is fairly easy.

You can add more than one image if you need to do a “front and back” sort of thing or for some other reason.

Important: If you uploaded it, you do not need to worry about it saying “Unverified” that just means we are in the process of validating them manually, but we may not even get it done before your event. Which is still fine, because we can do it on-site if questioned.



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