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The 5-3-1 Story

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Since 2008 many friends, peers, coaches, fans and most importantly players have influenced, impacted, and imagineered the 5-3-1 Challenge. From a backyard brawl beginning, homemade walls and all, a fine tuned dynamic challenge developed annually in late fall. Ripe and ready for the Challenge to blossom, the 2021 series of 4 events is going to be Awesome. 


Now, Kick It and Coerver Colorado are taking the next steps to evolve the 5-3-1 Challenge to a series of events over the year that inspires, ingrains, and increases player’s skill throughout the year.  


Our vision is to bring this differentiated experience to more locations, dates, and further build into a regional and national competition over the next two years. We have a zestful, passionate and multi-viewed staff; that includes past coaches, directors, refs, and players to launch this year's planned events and establish a footing for future growth.  Combining Kick It’s tournament experience and national club contacts 3v3 has generated over the years with an injection of Coerver Colorado culture, data management and drive to excel in the little things that make the biggest difference, we have created an authentic and exciting new template for soccer entrepreneurs.


This expanded landscape of competition will drive and demand players to utilize their skills within play. To succeed; players, teams and coaches will have to take advantage of the infinite opportunities the Challenge provides to be a clever, creative, confident and influential player in every minute of play. 


The 5-3-1 Challenge separates itself from other common tournaments in its outrageous ability to enhance players' involvement in each game played and showcase individuals soccer skills, creativity, and intelligence in a variety of skill based formats...the best of which is The Pit.


Kick It not only wants to provide the platform for play, WE ALL strive for the development of the Take On Artist!! These players THRIVE in a risk on atmosphere and can adapt their game to become dangerous in multiple different playing landscapes. These players have the awareness to expose the opportunities in front of them, skills to make it happen, and the confidence to execute urgent and decisive actions in any situation. 


Parents Love --- to see how their player is spotlighted in each event - highlighted at the end of each round with a 1 v 1 duel in The Pit. Parents will also love the fact that it is a one day event. 

Coaches Love ---With the Challenge being a platform for development - coaches should expect enhanced ability to give feedback and create repetition for a player to improve. This is a learning challenge as much as it is a competitive challenge. 


Come play with the KICK IT crew and help develop The Skillful Edge.


As a former player of 5-3-1, since the formation of the Challenge,  the 5-3-1 is an opportunity to showcase your soccer ability and intelligence. It is much more difficult to be successful on a small pitch. The players that thrive all over the world are the best players in small spaces.This Challenge demands excellence in this area.

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